James Vandike Sculpture Illustration

Within this vast span of life that surrounds us, the human form remains the most complex of all the living. Whether it is the fibrous tissues that form our façade, or the intricate network of lines that allow us to function, we remain the king of this proverbial jungle. Fundamentally, my figure sculptures represent a culmination of the intertwining of our biological world, with the internal struggle of ones self. We have to realize that our unconscious mind is separate from our physical being. That one can create a compelling livelihood, but have no physical control of their biological life. We are what we are, and will fight with ourselves because of our biological urge. This urge is the fusion of our internal struggle and physical being. We are compelled to work in an efficient manner; it is when that efficiency falters, we realize that are not machined, instead planted.

The fibrous nature of wood allows my figures to sustain warmth and a certain level of vitality that can not be found with other mediums. Wood is a cellular structure, soft yet impeccably strong, similar to that of human flesh. The natural pigments of these woods provide a stable baseline in which the final piece will be conceived. Additives to these figures help to represent the darning of our physical world, with our biological self. I release these figures from their raw blocks, only to find they, like us, are still bound by struggle.

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